In VM EXSI5.1,pfsense NIC rate is 10MB

  • 我是EXSI 5.1中安装的pfsense 2.1 。是这样的:我在EXSI 5.1 中看到网卡速率都是1000M,但是pfsense中看到的是10M
    或者官方有没有 VMware Appliance 布署文件,以方便布署到EXSI中


    I was EXSI 5.1 installed pfsense 2.1. Is this: I have seen in EXSI 5.1 NIC rate is 1000M, but is seen pfsense NIC rate is 10M。
    Or there is no official VMware Appliance deployment documents to facilitate the deployment to EXSI?


  • Can I install VM-TOOLS package ?

  • 对.  你一定会.

    使用 pfSense 32bit.

  • 首先更正一下,10MB=80Mb。您可能写错了,应该是10Mb

    10MB = 80Mb. You may make wrong, it should be 10Mb
    When you  configurate esxi pfsense virtual machine, select E1000 network card, pfsense inside em card drivers from the web should be able to see that it is 1000Mb
    Can cut a capture a picture?

  • But in VMWARE workstation is OK,in EXSI5.1 is not ok

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