Loopback with virtual IPs

  • Hi I currently have the last version of pfSense 2.1 and I have this infrastructure.

    I use virtual IPs and I use NAT 1:1 to open ports to internal IPs.

    Ex: ->

    Then I add rules on Rules sections. The port opening works great.
    I have a mail server on wich it's domains is mail.domain.com but the reverse address of mail.domain.com is so when I send any email the postfix tries to connect to mail.domain.com wich the address is requested to a public DNS and it returns the public IP but I can't connect from to wich is the same IP but the pfSense structure doesn't let me communicate with my self.

    Maybe I explain horribly but I hope you get it.

    Is there a way I can access to from
    Or I should implement an internal DNS?

  • You should use split DNS in situations like this. For a small number of addresses, you can use the overrides in the DNS page for specific domain names.

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