Captive Portal with OpenVPN and VLAN

  • Hello everyone,

    I m having some trouble in making the concept for an Wireless network and the reason why i m posting is to ask those who may have passed through the an similar situation or if anyone can give me out some tips to achieve this, I will be using pfsense for the captive portal, openvpn (i will explain a little further) and proxy server.

    One of the issues i m having is allowing some clients to authenticate through MAC address (some phones and tablets .. it's part of request i got), to pass through, but i learned that if the clients aren't in the same network the arp command is unable to retrieve their MAC, i remember seeing the error of PHP in pfsense that was unable to get the mac address. So my next try is using OpenVPN client on an DD-WRT router to connect to the pfsense OpenVPN so all the clients connecting to the wireless access points (each AP will be in diferent IP ranges/ Locations across country) will be in the same network. My question with this is is possible to put all incoming clients in an Isolated VLAN with access to the Captive Portal and Proxy access (ofc and services like DHCP)?

    Do i need to have more than 1 NIC or can i create Virtual NIC's in pfsense? sorry for asking something this complex out of the blue but i would like to know if this is even possible. Thanks in advance

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