Accidentally deleted a zone in captive portal

  • Hi everyone!

    Hope someone can help me solve my problem. I updated my pfsense box to 2.1 version and the gui for the captive portal page is a bit different from the previous version. So as I was trying to access it I accidentally deleted the zone. I have a complete backup of the configuration but I want to only restore the captive portal configuration. Is it possible and how will I do it?

    Thanks…  :)

  • Hi there !

    What about : Diagnostics: Backup/restore - select "Captive Portal" from the "Area" list and select your backup file.
    Hit "Restore configuration".

    pfSense will reboot.

  • Thanks Gertjan…

    My backup was from version 2.0.3. What i did i just extract the mac address for the pass-through clients, create a new zone and manually encode those mac addresses.

    Thanks again

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