Daily changing login code

  • Hello,

    is it possible to change the login password of an cp user everyday automatically?


  • Hi.

    I understand that you want: random passwords every 24 hours for portal access.
    Vouchers ? Local users ? Radius ?

    I understand that 'PHP' is difficult for you ?
    If not: several lines off code (start looking here: ) and you're nearly done.
    Use a package like 'cron' (System => Packages) to run your own script that sets new passwords - and send them to you - or other people by mail (pfSense has mailing capabilities).

    Or, search your answer differently !
    What about generating vouchers that last 24 hours.
    Now, mail them away to your user on an automatic way (no need for pfSense for that).

  • Hi,

    thank you for this answere.

    Yes, I want just one "random" password every 24h. Every user will use the same username and password.

    The password should not be really random at all. Maybe something calculated out of the date.

    So I don't need the mailing capatabilities.

    Vouchers for 24h won't be a good solution for my purpose.

    It's for an exhibition, where users can access the internet over a captive portal only for the current day.

    And yes 'php' is difficult for me :(

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