How to block ports from using WAN2?

  • my setup is:

    WAN = DSL (DHCP)
    WAN2 = Wireless Broadband (static)

    loadbalancing is working fine as well as the failover, thanks.

    however, i have this small problem with regards with ports blocking, below are the ports i wanted to block from using WAN2.

    port: 5502-5502
    port: 5105-5105
    port: 5001-5001
    port: 5003-5003

    I don't want these ports to pass on WAN2 if my two broadbands are available, but if my WAN failed, it should go to WAN2.


    If WAN and WAN2 are available
       block ports_list from using WAN2
    if WAN is not available
      allow ports_list to use WAN2

    something like that, please guide me, i'm just starting to learn the beauty of this great software (pfsense). thanks

    another thing is..

    is the NIC arrangement has something to do with the priorities in regards with load balancing?

    I mean,as you can see, request are being send on my WAN2 before another request sent may WAN.

    this is how my NIC was installed on my hardware:

    a Tower-like casing
    from the PSU (located at the high most area of the casing), down is my LAN, WAN2, WAN1 respectively.

    NIC1 = LAN
    NIC2 = WAN2
    NIC3 = WAN

    was the NIC arrangements has something to do with priorities?

  • Just create an additional failoverpool for that traffic. Then create some pass firewalrules at LAN that specify that traffic to use that failoverpool. Make sure this rule is above your loadbalancerpoolrules.

  • @hoba

    I use the stock rules given by our manual.

    kindly give me what entries do i need to fill-up in creating rules? and where do i need to put the rules.

    btw, do i need 2 failover rules to satisfy the blocking?

    thanks again.

  • @hoba

    sir, thanks so much, i got it worked now.

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