2.1 PTP Shared Key tunnel dies when TLS clients connect

  • I have an always-on shared key tunnel running - my pfsense box is the client connecting into to a vpn server. 
    I also use PFsense as a typical road warrior openvpn server for clients to connect in to and use the tunnel.  So the pfsense box is both an openvpn client and a server.  This works perfectly in 2.03.

    Any time a client connects, the shared key tunnel goes down and it won't come up again - even after a reboot.  When I tried 2.1 earlier this year when it was in beta and alpha, I experienced this problem and it continues in the release version.


  • You must use a different tunnel network for every OpenVPN instance.
    Post more details of your shared-key client and road-warrior server and we can try and spot the conflict.

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