Multiple "virtual SSID" linked to different CP Zones

  • I woud like to know if it is possible to create virtual ssid on dd-wrt accesspoints and virtual lan interface on pfsense and link them together in order to have multiple captive portal zones for guest, regular users and admins with indivisual download and upload speed settings?

    I think they will also be on a different dhcp server cause only one server can serve a lan interface.

    Does someone have a similar config?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It depends on how you have things connected.

    If DD-WRT plugs straight into pfSense and you can tag the VLANs on pfSense and DD-WRT's port plugged into pfSense, and bridge a specific SSID to a specific VLAN on DD-WRT, then yet.

    Also it would work if they both plugged into a managed switch which could carry the VLANs between DD-WRT and pfSense.

  • I share the same goal and have managed to accomplish something similar. The major difference is that I am not using VLAN tagging. I couldn't ever get it working on DD-WRT. I am using Merlin WRT on RT-N66Us (for stability and performance). While I haven't gotten 802.1q style VLANs working, I do have port based VLANs working.

    See this thread for details.

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