Disable automatic connect in Infrastructure mode?

  • I installed pfsense on a new system with an atheros based wlan card. I configured this card as WAN, it was automatically put into infrastructure mode which has one problem: it simply connects to the next SSID it finds! I do not want any automatic connect from my pfsense system to some random WLAN!

    Quote from the GUI about the SSID field of my WAN interface (=WLAN card):

    Note: Only required in Access Point mode. If left blank in Ad-hoc or Infrastructure mode, this interface will connect to any available SSID

    Is it possible to disable this behaviour before even configuring my WLAN card as WAN, so that - on my next attempt to install a new system - pfsense will never ever connect randomly to a WLAN!?
    Using the intial, console based interface configuration, is it possible to configure my WLAN card as WAN but letting the interface disabled until I configured it properly?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That's the intended effect. You must use the GUI to setup wireless completely, there isn't yet a way to do so from the console. If you attempt to set it at the console, it will not have an SSID and will do what you see.

    You could maybe configure one the way you want with an SSID, and then rather than starting from scratch, pre-load that config onto whatever device you're targeting.

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