OpenVPN without Admin rights (Win 7 and XP)

  • Hello together,

    I was searching for a technically easy way to get our Windows XP and Windows 7 Clients to connect via OpenVPN to our new pfsense. I googled for days and tried several scenarios like Open VPN Manager etc. After a while I got the Windows XP Machines working when I put the user in the windows group which gives the right to set routes, but the Windows 7 Client was always asking for admin-rights.

    Then I came to an article which lead me to Viscosity, which comes from a mac-client, but there is also a Windows Client and this tool works like a charm. For the installation i gave the according user admin rights, imported the cetificate and settings from our pfsense and removed the adminrights afterwards. The import for each user is easy like hell, because pfsense gives you a Viscosity bundle which has all data you need and no editing is needed. I have set the tool to start the Viscosity client automatically and the user can open the VPN when needed.

    The only downside i found is the license cost for a user which is 9$, but I found the software be worth it by far.

    I just wanted to share this experience with you, because I couldn't believe that such a easy solution exists for a problem which is discussed in several articles.

  • I use OpenVPN Client Export Utility package, and check the box for "Management Interface
    OpenVPNManager". You have to then install it from a Win7 admin account, but then mere mortals can use OpenVPN Manager to make their connections. So that is also an option that works for me.

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