Loopback? i think its called?

  • hello,
    heres a big question: ive worked with dlink, linksys, microsoft, and smc wireless and wired routers over my career. one of my big draw points on these routers is the fact that i can have a server, lets say registered at foo.com, and when i type foo.com from within the network the server is attached to, it goes right to it. however, ive used freesco, ipcop and such, and when i try that with those packages, it doesnt work, and they always tell me to edit my hosts file on the desktops. how are the dlink and such able to do this, based on linux, but the linux software routers cant? or can they? thanks

  • Go to Advanced and uncheck the box 'Disable NAT reflection'
    This is kind of a hack, but D-Link, Linksys, etc. use ugly hacks to do this. If you are hosting a web site/mail server, you really should use the internal DNS instead of the external DNS. IMO, If you are running public servers, you can handle running a DNS server.

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