Trying to create no-auth zero user input captive portal

  • Hey guys! Got a bit of a problem I am stuck on here. Hope someone can help. I am trying to create a captive portal that requires zero user intervention that will just redirect their first request to a URL of my choice. I've already turned off all authentication, but this still requires the users to hit the Continue button on the login page to proceed to the after-auth URL redirect. I need to eliminate it completely.

    My thoughts on this were to embed javascript into the login.html form to force it to auto-submit itself on load. I've tried this and all that seems to happen is the login page just constantly reloads itself. Below is my login page code:

    I added the div display style none so the form wouldnt even be visible to the end user so it would just look like a redirect to them. Can anyone help out here? Really would appreciate it, thanks!

  • I cant't get the point.
    So why do you want a captive portal?

    Just disable it to have a "zero user input" access to your net.

  • I require the captive portal because a client would like new users on their wifi network to be redirected to a particular website, but they want the users to not have to do anything for this to work. Hence why I am trying to make it work the way I am.

  • Administrator

    When you submit via javscipt it doesn't send the submit value so you have to add it as a hidden value.

    Here is the code:

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