UDP TTL - Howto do it (for SIP for instance) ?

  • Hello,

    I found out, that 2.1 relase now have a text comment that TTL is only for TCP connections and also blocks UDP rules which try to set TTL…

    When searching this forum this topic is very rare requested/answered... some articles > 5 years old which can't be "actual" useable ...

    The only hint I found was


    State timeout is for TCP only.
    You might visit system -> advanced and set the firewall optimization mode to conservative.

    But even this is perhaps wrong because the info text of these options writes:

    "Firewall Optimization Options:

    • normal (default)
            as the name says, it's the normal optimization algorithm
    • high-latency
            used for high latency links, such as satellite links.  Expires idle connections later than default
    • aggresive
            expires idle connections quicker. More efficient use of CPU and memory but can drop legitimate idle connections
    • conservative
            tries to avoid dropping any legitimate idle connections at the expense of increased memory usage and CPU utilization.

    EDIT (clicked on wrong button^^):

    But in my opinion the "conservative" option is less useful for shorter TTLs than the "normal" one ?

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