Interfaces Widget bug

  • Hi
    Why Interfaces Widget only shows "UP" interfaces?!  :(
    Down interfaces are not shown.

  • Rebel Alliance

    Yes, it show the "down" interfaces ;)

    (on pfSense 2.0.x & 2.1 )

  • i have installed pfsense on vmware workstation….disabled interfcae is not shown:

  • I tested it on virtual box too…same problem :(

  • I don´t thinks that a bug, my guess is that it is supposed to be that way.
    Up/down are for interfaces that are in use (enabled).
    If an interface is disabled it is not in use on the pfsense machine.
    See it like you have removed the network card from the machine.


  • Ho can i down an enabled interface in pfsense webconfigurator?

  • You can disable it, thus bringing it down.
    On each interface's configuration page there's an "Enable Interface" checkbox.

  • that's right…but disabled interface isn't shown in interfaces widget

  • There is no function for this at the moment. It would be nice to be able to keep all the interface settings "running" but mark the interface as down. Useful for:
    a) A WAN link that is having constant intermittent errors, coming and going, with stuff failing over and back every 5 minutes. Then it can be set to "down" until the hardware/ISP problem is properly resolved.
    b) Testing - easy to take down a WAN to test and see how things fail over to other WAN/s.
    This is an Open Source project - if you would like it then write it.  ;)

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