Re: pfSense-2.0.3-RELEASE-i386-20130412-1022.ova

  • I donwloaded this file to further my understanding on how to operate under VM.

    I understand this is a pre-configured already with the following:

    Virtual Size: 10GB
    Actual Size: 415.75 MB

    So if I am able to expand the 100GB would the actual size grow upto 100GB also? or do i need to manually adjust the actual size?

  • Depending on what it is that you're hoping to understand,  it may be more instructive to do a full install from a Live CD.

  • Yep you're right. While ova are that easy to deploy, due to its auto "actual size", it becomes now a second option to me. I've been installing from liveCD since I found the ova loophole.

  • okay, going back the .ova file.

    I was wondering if the creator of OVA files have already considered the default storage of 10G as a dynamic or growing storage.
    I am running some box bare metal. Well it's really fine to me, though I really have some dofficulties in terms of remote management since, I don't know how to remote its GUI. Anyway, that's not the issue here.


    I have one box running in vbox. The virtualbox storage was set to dynamic. But really the storage just don't  work as a dynamic. It won't really grow. So Im still stuck somewhere who is responsible, is it the OVA makers or the vbox?

  • I'm using the 4GB NanoBSD version in VirtualBox, several instances running. Converted the IMG to VHD, and it's dynamic. It becomes a VHD disk of about 6-700 MB, and after installing bigger packages it expands to about 1.2GB. After duplicating slice in NanoBSD options, the added content is duplicated, this results in further increase to 1.7 GB.

    So based on the above I assume it behaves as expected, correctly.

    After doing my mods to the machines running in Vbox, I can convert the VHD back to IMG, and dd that out to a CF card, plug it into real hardware and it still works perfectly.

  • I would like to really check out with NanoBSD. Anyways, how does NanoBSD differs with that of the pfSense-2.0.3-RELEASE-i386-20130412-1022.ova? If I'm gonna download my .ova config file, will it not cause any error in NanoBSD?

  • robi,

    thanks for the you post. i check out your link and yeah it's very helpful.

    anyways, regarding the command:

    VBoxManage convertfromraw pfSense-2.0.1-RELEASE-4g-i386-nanobsd_vga.img pfSense-2.0.1-RELEASE-4g-i386-nanobsd_vga.vdi

    where part in the vbox can I access the command box?

  • Hi Robi,

    I did not find the vbox command line so I downloaded winimage and converted the .img into vhd instead of vdi.

    I was not able to access the webGUI via LAN IP.

    Just a few question, though.

    1. When I check the "Virtual Box Host-only" Network, it shows no "No Internet Access" Is this normal?

    2. When I tried to go to system > package to install a package, it says "Unable to communicate with Please verify DNS and interface configuration, and that pfSense has functional Internet connectivity." but I have internet.

    3. Since pfs is now running in my laptop, is my laptop gets its internet from the pfs as a proxy server?

    4. I set my wireless connection as WAN and it got no problem. The LAN was set as dhcp, how to tell the laptop that i wish to connect from its virtual lan?