After installation the Disk (as shown in GUI) shows 100% Full, why?

  • I installed a brand new pfbox via oracle VB.

    I created the disk as a fixed disk and allocated 650GB. I have 750GB bnew sata hd.

    Then I donwnloaded a fresh 2.0.3 live cd, installed it via virtual box.

    it went okay, it booted smoothly, no errors encountered. I was happy.

    I was able to access the GUI, but to my surprise the "Disk Usage: 100%" glowing in red already.

    Please help!, I have no idea how to fix this.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It will show 100% when booted off the CD, so make sure you are not booting from the CD after installing to the HDD.

    Shut down the VM, dismount the CD, and boot it again to make sure it's really booting off the HDD.

  • I doubled checked and the livecd has been dismounted, I even took it off from the VB itself. Have it rebooted but it seems it's booting from a live cd coz it's asking me again the details i entered on the first boot.

    When I first booted, I selected (I) presuming it will be installed in VM's Vdisk, released the liveCD.

    But now it seems it's booting from a live CD. How can I get over this?

  • I have resolve the issue.

    What happened is that, due to imperfection yet of technology, I had to totally detach the livecd, although it has been released already after the first installation. Had my PC reset and boom! It fixed it's own.