Help, what's wrong with my rules?

  • i wish to block 'ranports' (5001-5502) to use my WAN2 if my 2 connections are active.

    upon checking the activity status while loading software that uses those ports, it seems that it still connecting to my WAN2.

    help me to where do I need to put those rules before of what rule?


  • Rules are processed top to down.
    If a rule catches the rest below it is no longer considered. You have to place your block rules above your allow rules.

  • thanks for the head up sir.

    i made some changes with the rules, i guess it serves what i need.


    WAN2 gateway =
    WAN1_WAN2_allow_ports = ports the will pass either tru WAN1 or WAN2
    ranports = ports that are explicitly to use WAN1 only

    are my rules correct?

    thanks again

  • Seeing as how source ports are generally random, you probably only want to be filtering on destination port.

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