Warning: Packetloss when being connected with more then one VPN Server

  • Hi,

    I might have a rather strange setup.
    I got one WAN connection my ISP.
    I got Multible VPN Connections from my pfsense box to 2 different VPN Providers. ( One provider 2 vonnections the other Provider 1 connection)
    I tunnel ALL my traffic using a MultiGW setup trough the VPN tunnel(s).
    (I'm still on 2.0.3)

    I'm having an issue where I'm often seeing "Warning: Packetloss". This often happens when I got more then one VPN connection to the VPN Provider open.
    I always thought it is an problem with the VPN Providers Server. So I bought myself into a different VPN Provider but I'm still experinicing the same issue.

    Any help ? What kind of Information do you need to help me ?

    Thanx for reading this

    Here is an example of what I mean. please ignore the GWAMS1

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What sort of hardware do you have?
    Are you sure your hardware can keep up with the encryption for the VPN tunnels you're making?

  • Hi, thanks for your Reply.

    The Hardware "should" not be the Problem: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz and when im on Max speed (50/10) its running at ~ 30% CPU.

    I have however updated to 2.1 early yesterday morning and found that this might have helped. knockonwood
    For the past 24h I did not hat any issue with this knockonwoodagain but I had times where this configuration was running fine for 2 or 3 days and then was failing constantly.

    I keep an eye on it, but 2.1 seem to have helped here.

    One thing I noted. I was able to use one VPN connection straigt away after the upgrade. the other 2 connections (differen VPN provider) only started working when I went into the interfaces and saved the settings again. Till I had done this, the GW where always show as down. I was however connected fine to these VPN Providers.
    Anything else I need to do ?

  • Seems I haven't knocked hard enough  :'(

    I got the strange behaviour where 2 of my VPN connections  go down roughly after 2 h so 15 O'Clock VPN 1 goes down 16 O'Clock VPN2 goes down.
    When I say go down I mean got package loss…

    Could this be to high traffic and ack packages not coming fast enough trough the tunnel ?
    I thought about using traffic shaper for this, but I'm absolutely clueless how to do this. I tried once but wasn't able to open any connection after I activated it.

  • Try some traffic shaping, I've seen similar packet loss when trying to watch youtube HD links through openvpn, the cause being my adsl broadband connection and not enough bandwidth for the upstream on the wan interface.

  • Can you point me to a guide on how to do this ?
    I've tried and all it did was blocking all traffic  :-\

  • I can confirm it has todo with heavy traffic.

    Any help with traffic shaping is much apprechiated.