OpenVPN / RADIUS setup…mapping drives

  • Hello.  Have pFsense 2.0.3 OpenVPN roadwarrior setup.  Configured this to use Windows 2008 R2 RADIUS setup.  Client logs into OpenVPN with windows credentials and is able to get on network.  When I map a drive it asks for the windows authentication again.  Shouldn't it already know the information as we logged in with it originally?  I made up/down scripts that map and disconnect the drive but it requires that I keep the PW in the bat file in plain text.  Is there any other way to do this?  Thanks in advance!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The credentials for the VPN are not related to the credentials for mapping drives, they have no shared knowledge.

    Windows has a long history of refusing to save share passwords as expected. Some versions you have to go into the user account settings and manually add an entry for the server and password. Others you can get away with accessing \x.x.x.x directly and then checking "save password", either way, that's all up to the client OS, not the VPN.