Reverse captive portal, kidding?

  • I can't work it out. Tell me when I'm wrong.

    I expect the reverse captive portal, enabled on the wan interface, a service to allow users from the internet to authenticate and get acces to the network, based on firewall rules.
    Am I correct? Why do I not get the option to choose the wan interface when enabeling captive portal then.

    When I am wrong, this is a feature I am really interested in.

  • It appears that option got clobbered when we sync'd the captive portal back against m0n0wall to fix a few other issues.

    I'll take a look and see if we can get the feature back

  • I aprreciate your swift answer, and your good work on pfsense.
    Good to know the feature will return.

    Will it do as I statd above: give remote users acces after authentication?

  • It should, but I haven't tested this in a long while.

    Not sure this will make it into 1.0.  It'll most likely be a 1.1 feature.

  • Hi, I just installed a fresh 1.2 RC 2, embedded. I don't see the WAN option on the Captive Portal page. I really, really need reverse captive portal for my setup.
    Is there a different version I can "upgrade" to that still has reverse captive portal? Do I need to get on paid support to get this working?
    Vinc Duran

  • Paid support is for the features that are present already in pfS.  This feature is not present as of yet.