Stellar Work Guys!!

  • Just upgraded from RC2 to Full Release and it went even more smoothly than I could have ever hoped.  You guys ROCK!  The v6 stuff working so nicely is seriously a blessing that I'm almost speechless.  I only wish that every product out there was as well written and well tested before release.

    As a v6 proponent, I've been participating in the beta program for quite some time now.  But I just now returned home after being on the road for over a month, ending with the NANOG and ARIN conferences in Phoenix this week.  Due to lack of time, I hadn't triggered the final update to full release while away.  But things went so smoothly with the update tonight it was like a welcome home present.  :-)

    I work with technology people in medium to large companies around the globe, deploying IPv6, DNS/DHCP/IPAM and related technologies on a daily basis.  When I cover security equipment with them, I almost always ask them if they're familiar with pfSense and if not I suggest that they check it out.  I will continue to do so and hopefully push some business your way in the process.

    Thanks for all the hard work that you've all put into this release.  Keep up the good work!


    David (Treffin) Tucker

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