VMWare, problems

  • Hello.

    I have followed the wiki guide to install pFsense on a VMWare machine.
    I only have one WAN-port(the guide is for 2), i dont have a router/modem/firewall before the WAN, i.e my internet connection is directly to the NIC that is bridged to VMware.

    The first problem i encountered was that in pFsense the WAN-adapter did not recieve an IP-adress from the ISP's DCHP server, so in pFsense i cloned the MAC-adress on the WAN port from the NIC that was bridged, after that i got an IP adress from my ISP.

    So far it works, all the clients get their internal IP-adresses from the pFsense router and can reach the internet.

    But i have a webserver, and some other things that i want to be reachable from the outside, and when i add them to NAT in pFsense nothing happens, people still cant reach my servers.
    UPnP does not work.

    Now i use my dedicated pFsense machine and it does everything perfectly, but if i could have one computer less in my home i would be happy.

    What have i done wrong?

  • You have 2 NICs in the server, correct? The pfSense virtual machine needs to have 2 network adapters. One bridged to the NIC connected to the ISP and the other bridged to the NIC going to your LAN.

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