Schedule States in System->advanced->Misc is NOT working

  • Hi,
    We have setup schedule and block rule on OPT1 to be active Mon-Fri 2215-0630. So far so good.
    The schedule and rule kicks in on that time, and no new connections can be made.
    However, existing connections are not denied, and remains open (Streaming, downloads, etc.)

    To our knowledge the NOT checked option in system->advanced->misc.-> Schedule States should take care of those existing connection, but it does not.
    A manual reset of states (Diagnostic->states->reset states) will do the trick, but that goes for ALL connections then - we only want this on OPT1.

    Cron /etc/rc.filter_configure_sync that runs every 15 minutes does not do any good either…!

    PF 2.1 Release

    Please advice!



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