IP Camera DDNS upates

  • Everything was working OK on 2.0.3 but I just put up new hardware with fresh load of 2.1 (running same combinaton of pfBlocker, Snort and Squid (in transpartent mode)).  Looking at my SARG reports I notice my IP cameras were banging pretty hard on the network.  These IP cameras do their own DDNS updates for remote access.  They are repeatedly trying to get to:

    DDNS address:  www.88safe.com
    DDNS port: 8009

    I'm assuming something is now not allowing their DDNS update to happen and indeed, the Cameras themselves are showing "errors in network communicaton" under their "DDNS Status" entry.  I have a system DDNS entry for my own DNSAlias and it is working fine.  I've been toying with a couple of ways to attack this but was hoping someone smarter than me with rules could offer a well honed solution?


  • Not sure what kind of cameras you have, but you should not expose them directly to the internet.  You should access them via VPN.  Also, I'd run the Dynamic DNS on the pfsense dynamic dns client tool, not on the camera its self and I'd make sure that uPNP is turned off in those cameras.

    Hacking some cameras is a piece of cake.  No usernames…  No passwords required even.

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