Sending mail after self registration

  • Hi all,

    I'm struggling with some mail functionality using a gmail (our domain is handled by gmail)  smtp host. I have created a self registration captive portal in pfsense 2.1 and I would like to send the freshly registered users a confirmation with login and password after the online payment is done. So I need to be able to sent out a email within a captive portal php page.

    Is it possible to just change the php.ini of PfSense? or do I need to use a certain perl script because I'm using gmail (ssl/tls) and this seems not support with the default php mail() function . I didn't found a clear answer on the forums.

    I already take a look at . But this seems a little bit to complicated.

    I really appreciate if you can point me to the right direction.

    Thanks in advance

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