Odd LAN Addressing Issue

  • So i was gonna use for a network, for some reason PFSense does not like, if I switch it to or, 4,5,6,7 or even 21 or 88 it works just fine i.e. ping outside and gateway, if i have it set to i cant ping nor access anything, anyone have any ideas why? Ill use a number that works, but i am very curious why it doesnt like .2.0….

  • What subnet mask were you trying to use?

  • You mean as the network right? Or were you assigning as the interface address?



    Cant ping nor when connected if i switch it to another number besides 2 it works just fine, 2.X is not used anywhere else

  • So what is the exact IP address assigned to your LAN interface? Why there is a gateway on the LAN?

    Sorry, I still don't understand your network

  • OK!

    I went to Interfaces>Opt 4

    Choose Static IPv4

    Entered for the IP with /24 as the subnet.

    No DHCP enabled.

    If i connect with any static address i cannot PING nor

    If i enable DHCP and let any device get its address i still cannot PING nor

    If i switch the address to 192.168.3-anything other then 2 it works just fine.1

    i can work around this by not choose 2, i am just curious why it doesnt like .2

  • Quite odd as you describe it  :)
    What are your NAT rules?
    Can you paste the ipv4 part of netstat -nr?

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    I went to Interfaces>Opt 4

    And what are you firewall rules on this OPT interface?  Since opt interfaces have no rules by default..

    Also what are you Ips on all your other interfaces.. Sure you don't have say a which would overlap your

    Also as mentioned there really should not be a GW on a lan interface.

  • No gateway was chosen, first thing i learned when first starting out with PFSense, i love PFSense all around, i am referring to the IP entered in the box next to the subnet drop down box, if I switch it from to lets say anything other then 2 such as it works.

    In the IP box next to the subnet drop down i entered 192.168.X.1 for this interface/network

    192.168.2.X is not used anywhere else

    As for rules i have just the normal ones to allow traffic from one subnet to another or to block one subnet from accessing these devices on this interface, i do not see however how a rule would not allow me to use 2.X but allow any other number 3.X, 4.X, 5.X, 88.X etc…

    If it was a rule issue i would assume that i would not be able to use it regardless of the number and i would not be able to use the workaround of just switching to the next number up.

  • After looking through everything including logs and all configurations i figured it out

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    and what was it for the next guy reading this thread

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