Why does my Linksys WMP55AG only work from 5 feet away? Can I replace the ant?

  • I purchased a used WMP55AG from eBay it was detected by pfSense just fine, but when I use my laptop and scan for nearby wireless access points, mine only shows up if I'm standing about 5 feet from the card itself!

    Can I have something configured incorrectly?  Can it be local interference?  Although, my old WRT54G worked just fine with it's wireless…

    If nothing is wrong, can I just buy a new antenna for the card?  The existing one doesn't seem to be able to screw off though...

  • Sounds like the antenna and/or connector is damaged. All good wireless cards have standard removable antennas, don't know about the one you have in particular.

  • Thanks for the reply…

    I'm really not sure if this card is defective or what...

    Is it normal to have In/out errors of 4099739/0?

    When I'm doing a wireless scan on my laptop, sometimes my SSID shows up and sometimes it doesn't.

    How can I tell for sure if this card is broken? :(

  • Well… Possible reason for your problems is your router from Ebay.... Here what you can try to check it:

    1.Try changing working frequency on router
    2. Try to access router from different computer, and work through it for several hours, if it drops frequently, then most likely it is your router.

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