OpenVpn Server doesn't reply to client, but to LAN address

  • Hi,
    i have connected a voip device to pfsense router through LAN and its IP is, the PFsense router is running openvpn client and its IP, i have configured Port forwarding and rules, but i have connection issue… the VPS running openvpn server reply to my LAN address instead of, i need your help in my project please.

    rented VPS: running windows 2003 + openvpn server ( voip softswitch software
    PFsense: openvpn client + LAN 192.168.1.XX
    voip device connected to pfsense LAN:

    Softswitch pointing to OpenVPN Client (pfsense interface):

    Port Forward:

    Firewall Rules:

    Sip Device connected to PFsense LAN

    and here is the issue in windows VPS running openvpn server, this is from the windows firewall log file, receiving correctly but sending to LAN

    P.S: this is newer screenshot, i just changed to

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