Snort on Pfsense - how does it work? - SOLVED-

  • Hello,

    I'm testing the pfsense 1.2-beta-2 right now. I've used M0n0wall before, but I've already noticed the pfsense is a big step ahead! Only the serial connection instead of vga-modus is a lesser solution than it was for the M0n0wall.

    I've read that SNORT is implemented in pfsense. But how does it operate? I can't see a link in the WEBgui. Is it standard, or do I have to 'activate' it? Does it update automaticly?

    Thanks for your reaction(s)!


  • From your statements about the serial console and the missing vga support is suspect you're using the embedded version.
    You need to use the full version to use snort.
    –> snort is a package
    and packages are only on the full version supported.

  • OK. I tried the embedded version because the Live Installer is an ISO.gz file; when I unpack it with winrar, I get the complete CD, but that couldn't be the way to burn an ISO image. I think? I'll look op more information about burning the image to a CD. If you've got hints or links, I would very much appreciate that!

  • I did it. Burnt the CD with Imgburn, and after setting the harddisk on LBA in the BIOS the installation was succesfull. Thanks for the help, GruensFroeschli!

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