Site2site OpenVPN - Can ping hosts from pfsense but can't from VLAN

  • Hi guys,

    I was hoping I could get some assistance here. I was able to setup a site-to-site OpenVPN and I can ping hosts on the other side of the VPN successfully FROM pfsense (openvpn interface) - however I have VLANS setup ("USERS") and I am trying to allow them to use the VPN tunnel.

    Seems like I cannot ping or do anything from the USERS vlan, can't SSH or anything. I have been scratching my head for hours. Maybe its something dumb I am missing? I tried an allow all rule and that did not work for me…

    Kinda stumped. Help is appreciated. Attached are my rules for USERS vlan, OpenVPN and the Interface that I bounded to OpenVPN

  • For sake of helping others having the same problem, this is not a rules issue. It was a NAT'ng issue. Make sure you select MANUAL NAT when you want to "kinda bridge" openvpn… if not it won't work.

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