[Solved] GUI Commands work, but never 'finish'

  • I have two pf boxes, a primary and a backup.  They work pretty well.  Except on the backup pf box, none of the pfsense GUI commands ever 'complete' on the web interface.  Each command does what it is supposed to do, then the little circle keeps spinning away as if there is more to do.  On the primary the commands display the same info, but then the browser web interface 'stops' and shows the little three ring logo.

    On the backup, it's as if there is more data coming from the pf box to the gui–- that never comes.  But, none appears to be missing!  What's up with that?

    It turns out that when the primary and backup boxes have enough of a disagreement about the time (even small) this happens.  Once I got the ntp working (which requires you enable it on the WAN interface if you are using CARP/VIP on the wan, even if you don't have a rule that opens the ntp port on the wan), the two boxes agreed as to the time, and the problems all went away.

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