Captive portal redirecting back to login page

  • We've been using pfSense as a wifi access controller for some time now with great success. Recently, I was asked to remove the redirection on successful login to our main web site as this was generating false 'hits' and our eMarketing team were complaining. As I understand it, removing the redirection URL should mean that upon a successful login, the user should be directed to the page they were initially trying to reach before the landing page comes up. However, when I removed the redirect URL, instead the users were simply being directed back to the login page after successfully logging in! So even if a user has logged in successfully, they're taken back to the login page which has made some people think that their login failed when in fact it worked fine.

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or whether there is some option I need to enable to get the captive portal to redirect to the original URL requested before logging in. I'm using pfSense version 2.0.3 and have tested this problem on IE and Firefox.

    If anyone has any ideas or solutions/workarounds, I'm all ears (well, eyes actually).


  • Hi there.

    You might be right. There were some bugs that existed in 2.0.3 related to the captive portal ….
    But that was a long time ago.

    2.1 Release is out, and pretty good. No "redirect error"  ;)

    So, why are you waiting ?
    Upgrade !

  • It had occurred to me to upgrade, but I've always been a little hesitant to update working systems and run the risk they may break. I'll backup the config, take a deep breath and give it a go. If it breaks I'll only have to re-install and re-apply the config again. The issue now is only 'when', given we're running this system pretty much all day every waking day.

    Thanks for the feedback. If this works I'll re-post with an update to confirm.

  • The 2.1 is not spared of the looping bug. see this:,69479.0.html

    I am still a 2.0.3 user and I also am having a trouble on the loop bug? Any one who have resolved this?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You could always redirect them to something other than your main page.  Maybe a "You are now connected to the Internet" page or something.

    Also seems like your eMarketing team is being sort of whiny.  They could always just discard the hits from the DHCP scope in question.

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