Site to Site config between pfSense 2.1 and Endian Communitu Firewall 2.5.1

  • I saw a few posts asking help on this subject but no real solution or nobody that says "you can't do that".
    The scenario is common: A site to site VPN made with two Endian Firewall and the will to migrate to two pfSense firewalls.
    Since it's not possible to migrate both the firewall at the same time, I need to configure the first pfSense firewall as a site to site client of the remote Endian Firewall where the openvpn server is running.
    Is there anyone that managed to accomplish that? Because as far as I can see I'm not sure it can work.

    Thanks for any hint!

  • There are various solutions, I guess the best way to start is what does endian support? IPSEC/PPTP/OpenVPN/L2TP - idealy OpenVPN or IPSEC would be good choices. Each have standards, so if implemented properly by Endian, it'd be just a matter of configuring them properly.

  • Yep. I did some testing.
    I haven't been able to set up an OpenVpn. Seems the two Firewall has a too different approach on the subject :-)
    Due to my current setup I can't find a common setup. On Endian I'm using Openvpn with PSK and Username/Password credential and seems it's not possible to use them in pfSense.
    I tried also IPSEC but while pfSens has an extended set of options, Endian as a lesser support of it.

    If someone could say "Yes, I did it and it works!", I'd do more tests but i'm not optimist. So far I didn't found evidence that it could be done.

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