Using OpenVPN but not on main LAN (Gotcha)

  • Hi

    I've just followed a couple of the guides to set-up OpenVPN and barring a few differences for SlickVPN they pretty much got me to 99% of the way there. However in my situation I don't want all of the LAN traffic to go via the VPN, just traffic on a specific LAN connection.

    OpenVPN was connecting, but no traffic would get out and nothing in the firewall logs that I could see (I'm not a networking bod by any stretch). After a few hours digging I found that when you switch from auto outbound NAT to "Manual Outbound NAT rule generation (AON - Advanced Outbound NAT)" the rules didn't get created correctly. For my main LAN I have the network set to and the VPN LAN I had that on However when the rules get auto created the rule for "Auto created VPNLAN to SLICKVPN" were with the 192.168.0 network id, which is the wrong LAN.

    As soon as I changed the entries to 192.168.2, then suddenly it worked, unsurprisingly. So I don't know if this is a common gotcha, a bug, or something else I've done that caused this, but I thought I would post this up in case anyone else is having the same woes.

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