FreeRaidus2 Extremely Slow or not working?

  • I setup Captive Portal and FreeRadius2

    I setup Captive Portal on Wan Side with " Disable MAC filtering"

    And the radius settings below

    IP: Secret Key: test

    I left radius protocol as PAP.

    In Radius2 under services i setup these settings.

    Interfaces I setup

    NAS/Clients: I setup and test secret key.

    And user i setup a user with 10 minutes per day.

    Everything works i get the login screen. Bbut when i login. Its really really slow and sometimes i cant even load a webpage.

    Is something being limited?

  • This does not really sound like a freeradius2 problem.

    You can try to run freeradius2 in debug mode to see what is going on and if it takes long to proceed requests.
    For this stop freeradius service on GUI.
    Go to pfsense console or SSH and type:

    radiusd -X

    Then try to authenticate a user through your CaptivePortal. Yo will see the request and this should be done really fast.

    Further you should try without accounting enabled and restart freeradius and CP. Then try again.
    Accounting information will be written to


    And the checks for simultaneous use will be done here:


    So if your HDD is slow or you have to many users then it could be possible that you should connect your freeradius server to an external sql database and do the accounting there.

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