How much to add ddns to both wan interfaces in load balance configurations?

  • I would like to update both wan address on my load balancer. How much would it take for someone to extend DDNS capabilities to two wan ports (or even selectable interface)?

  • I've just worked on this.  At this point I can select which WAN interface i want DDNS on but i haven't been able to setup a group, i guess because I haven't tried.  Do you still need this functionality?  I put a post in the multi-wan forum regarding some of the changes I've made.  There are a lot of peculiarities I noticed in the dyndns.class file.  I wasn't sure what some of the intentions were for parts of the class, a lot of inner class variables weren't getting used and there are continous calls to get_real_wan_ip even though you are supposed to be passing that in anyways. Let me know if you have interest and what your bounty is.

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