Problems getting through firewall after cable modem resets.

  • Hi all,
        I have the most recent update. ( I don't know what it is because I am not at home and cannot get in … AGAIN!)  My cable provider seems to be doing things with their network (Suddenlink) and from time to time ( like 3 times a night) the modem will reset itself.  This is no problem when I am at home the router keeps trucking right along with the modem comes back up.  Email.. browsing, VPN all that jazz from inside out works great.. when the modem does it's "reset" all my outside port forwards stop working.  SSH, HTTP... yadda yadda... if I call the wife and have her reboot the router it all starts working again.  I am at a loss.  I was using a Debian based machine with shorewall installed before I found PFSense.  I like the setup and ease of use of pfSEnse plus it came highly recommended from the Linux Action show podcast.  I really am happy with pfSense and it's packet shaping and addons.. but if I can't get this issue resolved I will need to go back to my other router.  I use SSH with tunneling from work for alot of things it isn't a need so much as a time saver.  Any help or direction would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks in advance..


    Edit: I did many searches in the forum before I posted so I apologize if this has been covered before.. I am at a loss as to what to search for

  • what does the systemlog say?

  • My logs … the wife rebooted the router I have no logs right now... will need to wait for the problem to happen again.

  • When you say the modem "will reset itself", what do you mean by that? What happens when it does that?

    Also, I would enable logging on your pass rules for your NAT, and next time it stops working, see if your attempts are logged in the firewall rules.

  • I say resets… The modem loses connection and all the lights go out.. Then it trys to reestablish connection and that can take anywhere from 20 seconds to what ever.... most of the glitches that caused the problem the modem usually is just down for about 20-60 seconds.  I had to wait until I knew it happened again.  I was playing online last night and the modem dropped me off the net.  I did not reboot the router. So first thing this morning I tried to connect and I had no problems... I didn't have the latest patches/firmware.. whatever it is called.. so perhaps that was my problem.  If it doesn't fix it ..  I guess I will post another message.. thanks for the suggestions  that will be the first thing I look at if it happens again.


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