Portal page without authentication loops back

  • Hi there,

    I'm having trouble to get the portal page working properly.

    I don't need to authenticate users. I only want to have a simple free hotspot: click the button to agree with terms&conditions of use and then be redirected to a page on the internet of my choice.

    The splash page is very simple, because we only expect smart phone and tablet users, so no laptops. I've included all of the items:
    The value of the accept button is empty, because I replace it with a picture through css.

    As for the settings:

    • Enable: y
    • Interface: LAN
    • Max concurrent connections: 0 (unlimited)
      Then I leave a lot of options empty

    The page loads in the browser when activated. Looking in the source code, the $PORTAL_REDIRURL$ is properly replaced by my given URL. $PORTAL_ACTION$ however redirects to itself.

    I'm guessing Captive Portal still wants to see some authentication. Not sure why or, more important, how to solve this.

    Any help is appreciated.


    P.S. Running the latest (2.1) PfSense.

  • Hi.

    Question: the default setup: the default login forum + a local user that you created for the occasion, that worked ?
    After that: hide the user+password on the forum, just keep the 'Login' button and all users will login with the same name.

    Not sure why or, more important, how to solve this.

    Noop  ;)
    The only thing that matters, is the 'Why' part.
    When known, everything else is known also.
    The other way around: doing without knowing = the start of the end.

  • Creating an invisible user? Why haven't I thought of this yet!?

    So… I suppose I need to create this user in System -> User Manager?

    Added this to my form:

    But… still the form loops. :(

  • Problem solved!

    My submit button doesn't have a value, because I replaced the default button by an image. For some reason Captive Portal doesn't accept the continue button if it doesn't have value="Continue".

    A bit silly though.

  • hello yogi.b

    I have the same problem. I have a image submit button. and with image the button don't make redirection. this work only with google chrome.

    any idea?

  • anyone to do this ?  image submit button?  is not work! any idea?

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