Captive Portal with Tiered Service

  • Hello All! This is my first post here.. maybe my last.. haha.  I am a total newb to pfsense, but have found myself here after searching high and low for a solution for my specific needs.  Before I start learning how to set up and configure pfsense, and all of its seemingly glorious applications, I was hoping someone could confirm whether or not it can accomplish my current needs.

    Essentially what I need is a Captive Portal where a user can either be provisioned a limited bandwidth connection to the internet for free, or pay for a high bandwidth connection for some specified amount of time.  This will be used for existing WLANs at facilities such as hotels.  The pay for access should be automated and not have to be managed by the front desk.  It should work with any vendor of AP and preferably across a single SSID.  I have attached a simple diagram depicting the topology I am hoping will be possible.

    So for all of you pfsense experts out there.. am I looking in the right place, or do I need to keep looking for an alternative?  Thanks so much in advance for any feedback!

    If anyone can confirm, I will take it from there and start learning as much as I can about pfsense and how to make it work..
    ![pfsense topology.JPG](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfsense topology.JPG)
    ![pfsense topology.JPG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfsense topology.JPG_thumb)

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