Blocking HTTPS

  • hello ;
    I have installed pfsense and now i wanted to block https access. Also i want to allow few https sites too.

    1. I have already installed squid guard along with squid. I can block http but not https. also when i activate the transparent mode of the squid, it gives some errors on the other proxy which is currently using (CCPROXY). CCPROXY in the network listens on port 80.  But anyway I can block http but not https and this is my main question.

    2. As a solution I have blocked all https from the firewall and tried to open the necessary https sites but looks like it isn't working.  Is it because of the order that I have inserted firewall rules ??.

    3. If i disabled the option transparent, is it really going to affect the  squid guard ?

    4. I want to allow some ports for the gmail account which are configured for  office outlook 2007 how can I achieve this ?

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