Android 4.4 access to both LAN and WAN through OpenVPN

  • Howdy all!!

    I'm hoping I'm wrong, but I am very new to OpenVPN & pfSense, as I am coming from m0n0wall.

    I'd like to use OpenVPN on my Android phone instead of PPTP, and I've tried to search for the error I'm getting, but I'm not sure I'm using the correct words to search.

    Basically, like the subject says, I'm trying to use my pfSense router as an OpenVPN endpoint for my android phone to access both my local LAN and also have the ability to access public sites while VPN'd in.

    Is this just a non-starter because of the comments I've been seeing about Android not supporting "tap" vs "tun"? (I'm not really sure what that is).

    I have everything setup, and can access my LAN without issue, but I haven't had any luck with the WAN side…

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.  So would a "shut-up n00b", i suppose!  :-D

    Thanks in advance!

  • If you setup an OpenVPN Server with RoadWarrior setup, then you can check the option "Redirect all traffic through the VPN" on OpenVPN server config. This will route all traffic of your android through the VPN.

    Of course you must allow the correct firewall rules on the OpenVPN firewall rules tab.

    You should use "TUN" mode for that which means routing and not bridging (TAP).

    There is an additional package "OpenVPN Export utility" you should install and get the config for your android.

  • So…  Apparently I'm an idiot, and when I downloaded the config, I downloaded the iOS version, and never realized.  I re-downloaded the ANDROID config, and it worked first shot.

    Sorry for the trouble, but I was starting to go crazy wondering what I could be doing wrong.

    I'm a m0n0wall convert and I'm really loving psSense!!  I'm running it on a little VIA C7 1ghz fanless unit...  I might have to upgrade to a full PC...........

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