Multi VPN GW - Massive problems since 2.1

  • Hi, it's me again  :-\

    Since 2.1 I'm having massive issues with my box.

    As you might know, I'm having a setup where all my LAN traffic is forced through the VPN tunnels. My WAN is connected to an router which does the dial in.
    This router does have a 24h disconnect time between 5 and 6 am.

    It happens quiet regulary that when I check the connection in the Morning, the router is fine but on the pfSense box either all or just one VPN link is down.
    Often I got the problem that all VPN services are stopped.
    If I restart them I still cant pass traffic through the VPN, I have to go to the Interfaces tab and click save + reload.
    I have to do this for all VPN Interfaces.

    Here is how the system log looks like:

    This is how the system log looks like after clicking save + reload in the interfaces tab:

    Any advice ? I'm about to go back to 2.0.3. That seem to be more stable.
    btw. this is a clean instsall I did yesterday mid day, so no migration problem or so. I've tried the 32 and 64 bit, no difference

    Please help !


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