Issues with accessing any server on my network

  • Hello!  I have searched and searched and could not find an answer.  If there is one out there, I am sorry and attach a link so I can get this taken care of.

    I have my setup as shown by the basic map below.

    DSL–-->Modem--->PfSense--->24 port switch--->Wireless Router(DD-WRT),NAS(Nas4Free).

    The problem that I have after implementing the PFSense box is that I cannot access the PfSense, Wireless router, or my nas box over wireless.  I CAN access these if I tether into my switch.

    How can I access these over a wireless connect?



  • I can only imagine that you setup the Access Point on a different subnet than your LAN.  Assign the access point a static IP within your LAN subnet and disable DHCP Server in DDWRT so pfSense can do its job.