RRD graphs for bandwidth and application (port) usage per interface. ($?)

  • I would like a way to graph traffic per interface (tunnel interfaces included), for multiple pfsense boxes, in a central location. Maybe this can be done via ntop, then scp to a web root on a trusted web server every X minutes? If this can be accomplished much easier via scripting alone, while not creating a  plug-in/Web gui component, then let me know. If this does not change the scope of work too much, then I think it could useful.

    I understand that above is not feasible via pfflowd (as it combines flow data for all interfaces), If this is not the case, then please let me know. Setting up a RRDTool, flow-tools, FlowScan, and CUFlow box is not something I am willing to do to see if this works or not as it will take much of my time. But if this is doable via pfflowd, then I will go forward with it and share my notes.

    The end result would look like http://wwwstats.net.wisc.edu/ Showing mult sites, tunnels, interface bandwidth usage, usage per protocol and application (configurable), with timeline.

    I did not specify a price as I am not sure how much time is involved with creating this, or how much of a demand there is for it within the community. Lets start with how doable this is.. Anyone?



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