Problems accessing files on www server through pfsense

  • ** dont beleave this is a pfsense issue **

    I've setup rules for access a internal web server (apache on Debian) and have made the appropriate rules for ports 80 and 443 but are unable to download any images/files other than css/html from the WAN.

    the installation of the pfsense firewall is a host on a ESX server and connects to the DMZ web server host on the same ESX server via virtual switch.

    I've re-installed the pfsense and the www server and both are just basic installations.

    when checking the web sever from the LAN everything works.. LAN <-> pfsense <-> DMZ
    however WAN <-> pfsense <-> DMZ fails to pass anything other than HTML/css

    I've checked the logs on pfsense and logs on the Debain installation and are unable to locate any issues.

    does anyone have a idea on a possible cause? ISP issue?

    corrent connection setup

    ADSL modem - 1/2 Bridged mode
    Pfsense Firewall v2.1
    WWW server

  • Please post up your NAT/firewall rules (sans public IP).

  • Port forward Rule
    If Proto Src. addr Src. ports Dest. addr Dest. ports NAT IP NAT Ports Description

    WAN TCP/UDP * * WAN address 80 (HTTP) 80 (HTTP) WWW external access

    Firewall Rule
    ID Proto Source Port Destination Port Gateway Queue Schedule Description
    IPv4 TCP/UDP * *  80 (HTTP) * none   NAT WWW external access

    I've rebuilt the pfsense box - simple enough .. and have asatained it's a ISP issue ..

    reason for the result : configured a laptop to be on the wan direct ans was able to access the www page no issues.

    will be changing providers ….

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Many isps block inbound 80, if your not allowed to run servers for example why would you need inbound http?  If looking to change providers make sure they allow you to run servers before switching.