USD$100 - NUT ups configuration enhancements

  • Background:

    I have installed the NUT package, but have found that the configuration interface is dumbing down the configuration a little too far.

    Specifically i mean that it is giving a list of "known" UPS's and when selected configures nut as needed. However the UPS i am using (which uses the blazer_usb driver) isnt able to be configured. I looked through the nut.xml file and found that none of the options use this driver. I am able to manually configure the ups.conf file and nut works perfectly, however on reboot the file is overridden and im back to square one.


    Whilst its nice for less experienced users to have a list of known UPS's (nut really has a steep learning curve), i would like to be able to specify the NUT configuration in detail and for that config to be retained.

    The configuration should provide three high level configuration options.

    1. Network configuration (ie configure talking to the NUT daemon on another machine)
    2. Select from a life of known UPS's.*
    3. Configure all the details yourself

    The outcome is to enhance the code to provide these three top level options and create the #3 option.

    *The list of "known" ups's is hardcoded - which isn't ideal. It's up to you to move it to an xml, json, yaml etc file, it doesn't bother me and i wont pay for it. However it would make it trivial for developers in the future to add additional configs.

  • Not sure how to edit the original post, but ill up the bounty to $150

  • So you are looking for something like:

    General Tab

    • Network Config Sub Tab
    • Wizard/Basic Sub Tab
    • Advanced Sub Tab
    1. Would you want the advanced tab to be more like a conf file blob? Like NUT without pfsense GUI abstraction?
    2. Moving it out of the XML is an option but maybe just using the as is portion as the basic tab would be more efficient considering bounty amount
    3. Anything else more specific you would like to add or expand upon?