I can acess LAN through wifi, but but not internet! (NOOB)

  • Hey guys pretty new to pfsense,
    our place has a FTTP connection and we are getting good speed through LAN.
    The problem is that I have a TP-LINK TL-WN951N that we got for our media center, but we ended up running cat6 to that anyway, so I would like to use it in order to run a wireless acess point. I have set it up so that I can see and connect to the card, yet cannot access internet through it even though I can see and access our NAS server, connected to LAN.
    This is very puzzling, I can't find an identical problem and have tried bridging the wireless with the LAN interface, as well as adding it to the firewall and just can't work out the problem…

    Also, I can't seem to get 802.11n to come up, only b and g.
    Happy to supply any additional info, any input appreciated!

  • check your rules, your lan will have a 'default allow to any' rule, and your wifi will need the same.

    not sure about the wireless n issue, but i had the same issues with a ralink device.  i think it was that the driver just didn't support it, but i didn't need the speed, so i didnt pursue it.