OpenVPN and IPSec

  • I know in previous versions of pfSense I could not run OpenVPN tunnels and IPSec tunnels at the same time. Is this still the case with version 2.1? I prefer OpenVPN to use Bonjour over Avahi, but for an upcoming installation need to connect to a Fortigate router so will need to run IPSec for that tunnel.


  • I don't know any limitations since version 2.x. But I never used both at the same time.

    What still isn't possible is to run more than one PPTP connection at once.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You have always been able to run OpenVPN and IPsec at the same time. Just not for conflicting networks.

    You can run them both to different places, but you can't have them both cover the exact same route/subnets on both ends of a tunnel.

    x.x.a.0/24 to x.x.b.0/24 - OpenVPN
    x.x.a.0/24 to x.x.c.0/24 - IPsec

    Not OK:
    x.x.a.0/24 to x.x.b.0/24 - OpenVPN
    x.x.a.0/24 to x.x.b.0/24 - IPsec

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