Google Apps with CP

  • Hello,
    I have pfSense 2.01 with SQUID, SQUIDGUARD, SARG, HAVP and an active captive portal.
    Everything works fine but I have trouble with Google playstore. All packages are not valid if I try to download over CP.
    Directly connected to the router it works. It must be an issue to pfSense.

    Any idea?

  • Hello.

    It must be an issue to pfSense.

    You're sure ?
    Remove these: …. SQUID, SQUIDGUARD, SARG, HAVP .... since they are NOT part of pfSense, and you'll see that by magic your problem is solved.
    Add them back one by one, and you'll find out when things start to mis-behave.

  • I have had a problem with squidguard. A wrong filter.
    It's solved.

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