Anything like Nstreme

  • Done the search, don't see an answer.
    Does pfsense have the ability to bond wireless interfaces to work around the wait for ack like Mikrotik Nstreme
    Or the interface bonding in DD-WRT ?

  • I don't think so, because the driver used by mikrotik, staros, dd-wrt for atheros cards is different, and it has those exotic features like bondig and 5/10/20/40mhz channels. However, maybe we could achieve something similar with lagg which is present in latest FreeBSD releases.

  • Thanks for the reply.
    I hope it is done.
    Interface bonding and n class interface cards make for exiting days ahead.
    The wimax forum has caged us up from the speeds and distances they can run in the licenced bands by not ratifying N or releasing good candidates into the unlicensed markets.
    Compared to b/g/a this is a slow train coming.
    Pfsense is a excellent platform for this kind of development
    An entire branch of revenue generation would be opened up for a WISP product that could smoke a LOK box.


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